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Welcome. We are a band of coders who value being leaders in personal and professional growth, ultimate productivity, and building the future one great team at a time.

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As you may already know, we’ve created a podcast for coders who aspire to lead in greater ways. Our episodes feature leaders and rising leaders from all walks of life teaching us about how to build better teams, being more productive, communicating better, meeting our deadlines, and creating work that is changing the world.

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The Band of Coders team, our software development side, is actively building new office locations around the United States. This means we’re meeting with leaders and rising leaders such as yourself to see if you would like to be a new leader at one of our fresh offices. Click the link to email us to to chat with us about it more!

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the original band of coders:
headquartered in atlanta and located all around north america…

We are an elite team of product managers, software architects, and developers who partner with business executives to build their next successful product. Whether you are engineering a new product or reinventing an existing one, we can help bring your vision to life. Read more on our agency about page.